Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Mi experiencia fue tremenda , Jamás hubiese conocido alguien como Desiree . Tremendo ser humano . Bendigo su vida porque ella es un ejemplo que hay personas buena y desinteresada. Después de yo haber tomado varías clases con una personas totalmente reconocida en NYC, y esa personas lo que hizo fue robarme el dinero. Y doy gracias a Dios porque conocí a Desiree de slayy beauty pude entender que hay personas honesta, y que aman su trabajo y personas dispuestas ayudar a los demás ! Y sus materiales son perfecto y de buena calidad. Para ser mi primera ve miren mi trabajo enseńado por mi Desiree hermosa tremenda maestra!
— Victoria Guerrera
Customer reviews
Just completed the training! This training was organized, easy to follow, every detail was presented in a professional but also personable enough that it felt like a 1:1 class presentation and the fact that the camera person got close so that we could see every detail!! Beautifully orchestrated!!
I am SO ready to Slayy!!
— Diane Smith Frazier
Customer reviews
I just started this online course Saturday and I am so happy I chose this. I was hesitant at first but after starting and going over the content I know I made a great choice. I’m learning info that I didn’t even think I would need to know which is great so I can be prepared once I finally take clients. Definitely worth every dollar spent.
— Rosemary Gonzalez
Customer reviews
I am so happy that I decided to take this course! Desi was amazing. She is very thorough with her training! The live model videos were very up close and personal. They are just as good as being there in person! I took another online class and felt that it was very rushed, which left me confused and with questions. I love that fact that you can go back and review the modules! Best of all the sale price....you can't beat it with all of the info given!
Thank you Slayy Beauty. You all should try to come to Premiere Orlando, I would love to see you all!
— Eileen Turner Farley
Customer reviews
Desi was so amazing. She made me so comfortable to actually tattoo someone! She stopped to constantly make sure I understand any questions I may have had and she was so, so patient! She makes it look SO easy! She is beyond impressive and so informative. I’m so hype to get in the game. Thanks Desi!
— Patricia Hendricks
Customer reviews
This course was full of everything you need to get started in your business. I took a hands on class that was good, but this brought so much more information that made it all make sense. The videos were good and just learning anatomy all over again (LOL) I felt like I was school again. I learned so much, this was definitely worth the money and time.
— Renee Anderson

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