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25 pck of our custom Aftercare "Surival Guide" Cards

These are thick premium cards with a mate finish. We've created the perfect aftercare survival guides to hand out to your clients at the end of their service.

We know how scary the healing process can be, so we are here to help! Having the right aftercare card to hand out to your customer will not only give a professional + high end feel to their service experience, but can also be oh so convenient for you client to have during those scary healing days.

p.s. did you know that handing out an aftercare card at the end of your service improves your clients retention! The first 7-14 days of healing are vital! If your client does not remember how to care for her new eyebrows, she might not have good retention. So ensure that they care for their eyebrows properly by handing out one of our super cute Aftercare Survival Guides!