20 Minute ZOOM Mentoring Calls with Desii


Are you having doubts? Ever wish you could have a lunch or coffee date with your mentor and just pick their brain??!!  I know how you feel, and now you have the ability to do just that!

Now you can jump on a 20 minute Zoom video call with me Desii and we can discuss technique difficulties that you're experiences, I can review your work and practice skins and give you feedback, answer basic business questions and give you advice. I can talk to you about branding, apps and social media, how to create your own branded products etc. 

You will be limited to your scheduled time slot. if you need more than 30 minutes, please book multiple time slots.

It is important to note that Desii and Slayy Beauty are unable to discuss our trade secrets: specific product and furniture manufacturers, marketing teams and contracts, financials etc. during these calls.