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Academy Policies


- A deposit is due upon signing for any course, and remaining difference is due three weeks prior to course date. All seats with balances not settled three weeks prior to course date will be released and deposit retained (non-refundable).

- In the event a student no-shows or cancels within 24 hours will not be subject to a refund and will forfeit chance to reschedule.

- Attendance is the student's responsibility. In the event of emergencies or changes, students must communicate in a timely manner. COMMUNICATION IS KEY.

- In the event the attendee is unable to attend the course and would like to reschedule for the next available course date, 25 days is required.

- Course rescheduling fee is $250 and does not apply toward the cost of the course. Reschedules made within (25) days of the course date are still subject to the original remaining balance date. That balance will then be moved to the new date of choice. Balance must be paid in order to secure seat for future course.

- Reschedules requested with more than 25 days notice will not be subject to the original remaining balance due date. However, the rescheduling fee will apply and the student will then be given a new balance due date. (Payments are due 3 weeks prior to new course date)

- The only way to bypass the $250 rescheduling fee is to make changes within 48 hours of class purchase.

- If a student reschedules to class of a different price, student is responsible for paying the difference of the new course.

- Slayy Beauty and Slayy Academy reserves the right to cancel a class at it's discretion. Slayy Academy also reserves the right to relocate their class if unforeseen circumstances force us to do so.

-Courses that have been cancelled with no future dates, will be subject to a refund minus the cost of materials and online access.

- This is NOT VALID if the class was RESCHEDULED TO A LATER DATE OR LOCATION CHANGES (within 15 mile radius).

- For Class date reschedules or location changes, Students will receive a credit to sit in the new course or in any future course/location.


*By purchasing any courses from our academy, you are agreeing with the following policies*