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The Pigment Bible: Lip Blush

Sale price$197.00

If you loved our Brows Pigment Bible.. then get ready to dive into this one! 

In this pigment bible we're diving deep into not only pigment mixes, but how to thoroughly understand all about your client's lip undertones & tones. Learn: 

- 30+ different pigment mixes.. down to the DROPS. You're not only getting the pigment brand & name mixes- you're also getting the exact drops of each pigment. 
- Erika's top personal top tips. 
- Reading, understanding & utilizing SDS sheets.
- All about organic, inorganic, and hybrid pigments- their differences & when you should use each one. 
- All about the current top PMU pigment brands.
- Fitzpatrick scale & how to master using it. 

& so much more.
Tap in to the presale price! It ends by Friday! 
The Pigment Bible: Lip Blush
The Pigment Bible: Lip Blush Sale price$197.00